In a nutshell, the GO-TeTaL platform is an offline Internet browsing facility for unlimited e-Learning by teachers and learners alike. Some well-meaning organizations like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, Coursera, CK-12, and EdX have since been making high-quality educational resources available for people to access freely over the Internet. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the world’s population has the requisite high-speed Internet facility and cheap bandwidth to take advantage of the unprecedented learning opportunities being offered by those who are in the vanguard of the online learning revolution that is currently taking place around the world. Imbued with the desire to provide an ICT solution to the huge challenge often posed by the unavailability or high-cost of internet connectivity in many developing parts of the world, we at GBICTS Academy (a subsidiary of GBICTS Limited) have taken the responsibility of making high-quality, open-licensed educational content accessible to everyone, everywhere including places with no link to the Internet.

The low-cost, bespoke ICT solution (code-named GO-TeTaL) is a technology-driven eLearning facility that can empower teachers to teach better and learners to learn more. It can make the much-coveted concept of universal education attainable worldwide just by stockpiling a huge collection of educational Web documents in a USB device, a powerful electronic appliance server, or onto a school’s computer system or Local Area Network (LAN) so that the digital documents can be made readily available to anyone, anywhere within the vicinity of the location where the GO-TeTaLplatform is properly deployed. The ICT-based educational platform can offer both teachers and learners a free and fast access to many Web-based instructional videos on different levels of Mathematics, Computer Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences, and a host of other fields of human endeavour – all without needing any Internet link whatsoever!

Without exposing users to the serious issues concerning the violation of computer privacy, insecurity of the cyberspace, the antics of online predators, and the erratic performance of the Internet or the exorbitant cost of bandwidth, the GO-TeTaL platform can bring virtually the same power, beauty, and utility of the usually expensive online study programs to their cheaper offline alternative formats which many universities or schools everywhere in the world can easily afford. With the GO-TeTaL platform, scholars can grab, with their smartphones, laptops, or desktops most of the unique learning opportunities and open educational materials usually found on the Internet even when or where the telecommunications network is totally missing or misbehaving.


As an eLearning facility, the GO-TeTaL platform has a definite power to transform the conventional system of education especially in the developing nations of the world. It is important to also note that, even in the developed countries where Internet access is not a big deal, responsible parents and discerning schools or organizations are opting for offline educational solutions like the GO-TeTaL platform for both security and ethical reasons. Of course, an offline platform is the surest means of protecting all learners from online predators or other cyber-criminals. It will also help in preventing the learners from diverting their attention to the too many distractions that are commonly found on the Internet such as computer games, pornographic videos, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) and other inappropriate websites which some online learners could easily visit at the expense of their education. Indeed, the GO-TeTaL platform is an invaluable, offline technological solution that can greatly enhance teaching and learning in the following ways:

1. Motivates kids to go to school where they will see learning as fun!
2. Permits a flexible learning habit – learning anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow!
3. Inspires learners to seek for more knowledge through tailored, self-paced learning method.
4. Engages learners’ minds with what they are doing in order to improve learning outcomes.
5. Facilitates the development of valuable and employable skills in a digital world of today.
6. Enables learners to become thinkers, learners, risk-takers in a sheltered environment.
7. Makes learners not to rely on teachers alone but to be accountable and independent-minded.
8. Aids teachers or learners to acquire digital knowledge and skill for excellent performance.
9. Helps people to develop self-discipline and digital entrepreneurship skills, etc.
10. Broadens the horizons of many people as it exposes them to the world outside their locality.
11. Offers the opportunity for a low-cost process of delivering education content effectively.
12. Gives users a fast, secure, and reliable access to educational materials at no bandwidth cost.
13. Fits into the Universal Basic Education scheme as it allows learning in a virtual classroom.


The GO-TeTaL platform is packaged in three different versions with each configuration featuring thousands of rich educational resources including videos and other multimedia documents. They all contain an inbuilt collaborative encyclopedia freely offered by Wikipedia. Most Internet users can easily relate with all the versions of the GO-TeTaLplatform because they all resemble and work like the real Internet except that the GO-TeTaL platform, being offline, is faster and safer than the normal Internet. No spam, no virus, no hacking, no pornography, and no online-predator issue is associated with any of the versions. The three versions of the GO-TeTaL platform are hereby listed as follows:

The GO-TeTaL platform is packaged in three different versions with each configuration featuring thousands of rich educational resources including videos and other multimedia documents. They all contain an inbuilt collaborative encyclopedia freely offered by Wikipedia for schools around the entire world.


At GBICTS Academy, we are excited and passionate about the potential for growth which ICT can bring to the global economy.   Everything we do (through the provision of engaging and inspiring solutions for the effective use of ICT in improving the living conditions of people or in guaranteeing the successes of different organizations) is focused mainly on helping people to acquire the knowledge and skills they require for excellent performances in their respective fields or careers.   Our training programs are aimed at developing a community of certified and competent professionals as well as offering organizations the opportunity to ensure that their staff are fully qualified and proficient in the implementation of specialized and innovative ICT products and services.


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