In a nutshell, the GO-TeTaL platform is an offline Internet browsing facility for unlimited e-Learning by teachers and learners alike. Some well-meaning organizations like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, Coursera, CK-12, and EdX have since been making high-quality educational resources available for people to access freely over the Internet. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the world’s population has the requisite high-speed Internet facility and cheap bandwidth to take advantage of the unprecedented learning opportunities being offered by those who are in the vanguard of the online learning revolution that is currently taking place around the world. Imbued with the desire to provide an ICT solution to the huge challenge often posed by the unavailability or high-cost of internet connectivity in many developing parts of the world, we at GBICTS Academy (a subsidiary of GBICTS Limited) have taken the responsibility of making high-quality, open-licensed educational content accessible to everyone, everywhere including places with no link to the Internet.

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The GO-TeTaL platform is packaged in three different versions with each configuration featuring thousands of rich educational resources including videos and other multimedia documents. They all contain an inbuilt collaborative encyclopedia freely offered by Wikipedia for schools around the entire world.

Most Internet users can easily relate with all the versions of the GO-TeTaL platform because they all resemble and work like the real Internet except that the GO-TeTaL platform, being offline, is faster and safer than the normal Internet. No spam, no virus, no hacking, no pornography, and no online-predator issue is associated with any of the versions because the platform is well protected from such cyberspace hazards. The three versions of the GO-TeTaL platform are hereby listed as follows:

1. The Portable (USB) Storage Device version:

This is a small-scale and the cheapest version. It is a plug-and-play device which can simply be inserted into the USB port of any Windows laptop or desktop computer to instantly gain access to a wide range of educational materials. And it is the most portable platform for mobile users who have slow or no Internet connectivity. But its capacity is quite limited when compared to the other two versions of the GO-TeTaL platform.

2. The Appliance Server version:

This is a tiny but more powerful system. The Appliance Server can be a stand-alone installation that enables the people connected to it to have an immediate access to a large volume of digital documents including videos and other multimedia files without any Internet link. The users of mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets can connect to this version of the platform via a Wi-Fi link to the Appliance Server’s hotspot facility. The connection is done by using any of the different web browsers installed in any mobile device of the users’ choice. Such mobile users in the surrounding area where this version of the GO-TeTaL platform is installed can also feel exactly as if they are browsing the real Internet. The Appliance Server is also designed and configured to deliver thousands of digital videos and other multimedia educational documents to many communities especially in developing countries where Internet bandwidth is too expensive, highly limited, or totally unavailable for scholars to thoroughly enjoy the full benefits of online education.

3. The Enterprise-Wide Server version:

This is a customizable version of the GO-TeTaL platform which can work satisfactorily in virtually every imaginable deployment scenario. It is meant only for on-site deployment with the belief that irrespective of their circumstance, location, gender, or social status, everyone should have access to the free, high-quality educational resources that can be readily found in abundance on the Internet. Implementation of this version involves the skilful integration of the GO-TeTaL platform into any LAN for many more users to access a plethora of educational resources. The cost of this very version of the GO-TeTaL platform depends on the exact requirements to be satisfied as well as on the peculiar situation existing in any given school or training organization. If properly implemented, it may be the best e-Learning facility available for most schools because it could be designed or configured as a digital library to provide enough capacity for the delivery of quality education to so many different users who may gather at the same time and in the same location for a self-paced learning in an offline mode. In fact, the main benefit of this version of the GO-TeTaL platform lies in its versatility and scalability which enables it to serve all the users connected to a LAN for accessing or sharing various web-based open learning resources. Like the other versions of the GO-TeTaL platform, this version is also a cost-effective, fast, and reliable means of empowering the users to acquire the knowledge and the skill they need for excellent performances in life generally.


At GBICTS Academy, we are excited and passionate about the potential for growth which ICT can bring to the global economy.   Everything we do (through the provision of engaging and inspiring solutions for the effective use of ICT in improving the living conditions of people or in guaranteeing the successes of different organizations) is focused mainly on helping people to acquire the knowledge and skills they require for excellent performances in their respective fields or careers.   Our training programs are aimed at developing a community of certified and competent professionals as well as offering organizations the opportunity to ensure that their staff are fully qualified and proficient in the implementation of specialized and innovative ICT products and services.


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