Digital Literacy training and skill acquisition program of GBICTS ACADEMY offers you a better chance to succeed in a highly competitive digital world. The training will equip and empower you with the knowledge you require on:

Fundamentals of Computing
Computer Security and Privacy
Computer Productivity Programs
Internet and World Wide Web
Digital Lifestyle and Careers


Cloud services refer to services made available to clients with the aid of the Internet. Such services emanate from a remote location without a physical presence at the computer services provider’s location. With Cloud services, you are readily getting access to all services as currently provided by your service agent through an easy scalable means.

Cloud services is also a dynamic way of managing hardware and software resources which saves additional cost of procuring such. Applications of Cloud Services can be seen in Data Storage, Backup and Recovery services, Web based solutions, Online office collaboration, data base management and online technical support.



GO-TeTaL is a low-cost eLearning facility that empowers teachers to teach better and learners to learn more. Users of GO-TeTaL can have offline access to many Internet-based digital videos and other multimedia documents anytime, anywhere – even if the telecom network is missing or misbehaving! Through gathering and delivering educational tools and ICT-solutions that enable instant access to useful training materials even in areas with little or no connection to the Internet, the GO-TeTaL platform is meant for users to avail themselves of the training opportunities and free educational resources that are uploaded to the Internet for scholars to grab with their phones or computers.


ICT Support Services 
Our excellent ICT support and customer-service delivery will always ensure the optimal and constant operation of your computers, networking systems, and all other devices that are associated with anyone of your current or future investments on ICT infrastructure under a technically sound environment.
As a value-adding ICT support company that offers quality services to a diverse range of businesses, most especially educational institutions, GBICTS Limited can drastically reduce your annual ICT expenditure by making sure that your organization enjoys increased levels of system stability and network availability as well as an improved technical performance of your entire workforce. In addition, our unique approach to service can guarantee and enhance the amount of satisfaction both your customers and your employees’ will derive from their daily usage of ICT as a tool for achieving greater results in life generally. With GBICTS Limited as their partner in progress, users of your ICT platform will begin to have such a pleasant (rather than a nightmarish) experience in their regular interaction with different technologies or equipment of all types and sizes.
Our technical support services can be properly customized or structured by our technical support team to meet the challenges of your peculiar business environment. We provide our tech-support services to companies anywhere around the world. Some of our more popular service offerings include:

Network Design, Installation and Commissioning Services
• Network Design and Performance Tuning and Optimization
• Microsoft Certified Consulting Services
• Network Cabling, Router, and Switch Installation
• Information Technology, Security Assessments and IT Audits

Technical Support Services
• 24/7 Network, Server and Desktop Monitoring Services
• Managed Servers, Desktops and Software Applications
• Help-Desk for Windows
• Office Support Services
• On-Site and Remote Support (from Paris or Nigeria)
• Proactive and Preventative Maintenance to include Industry Standard Policies and Procedures
• Managed Firewalls, Routers, Devices and VPN’s

Disaster Recovery Planning and Solutions
• Disaster Recovery Plans; Audits
• Online Backup via SysArc’s DataVaulting solution and Skydrive solution
• Server; Desktop Virtualization




“The training has been very interesting and useful. I learned a lot from one of the world’s leading authorities on ICT in the person of Kenny Nuks. GBICTS academy has done very well by bringing in the best to give the best.”


“This is to testify that that the training was conducted in good ethical manner, the hospitality of the host was wonderful. Suleman the Training officer did a good job in making us comfortable. Generally, the training was satisfactory.”





At GBICTS Academy, we are excited and passionate about the potential for growth which ICT can bring to the global economy.   Everything we do (through the provision of engaging and inspiring solutions for the effective use of ICT in improving the living conditions of people or in guaranteeing the successes of different organizations) is focused mainly on helping people to acquire the knowledge and skills they require for excellent performances in their respective fields or careers.   Our training programs are aimed at developing a community of certified and competent professionals as well as offering organizations the opportunity to ensure that their staff are fully qualified and proficient in the implementation of specialized and innovative ICT products and services.


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